Most often, you may need interpretation services during business meetings, formal business dinners or negotiations with foreign partners, as well as during training, seminars, and trips. Interpreters have a good command of professional foreign language and good knowledge of various aspects of the translated language, they comply with business etiquette and protocol requirements. When making use of this service, customers should be aware that in order to deliver the highest quality of service, the interpreter should have adequate preparation time and be furnished with relevant information, therefore interpretation should be booked as early as possible.

No matter what business you are in, increasingly often you experience the need for translation services in your daily work! We are here to serve as A RELIABLE, HIGH-QUALITY TRANSLATION SERVICE!

Legal;Trade;Marketing;Engineering (electrical engineering, radio engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering);Construction, civil engineering;Drawings;Manufacture;Automotive, heavy equipment;Computers;Software, telecommunications;Medical; IT (information technology) and other areas.

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MB Transercomas

Specializuoti techniniai vertimai / Specialized technical translations

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