About us

Transercomas Translation Center started in 2014. We specialize in technical translations and translate texts from more than 100 languages.

We translate documentation, websites, instructions, catalogs, manuals, technical instructions, contracts.

Experienced technical translators, editors and proofreaders, multilingual native translators, technical consultants working at TRANSERCOM technical translation centre are dedicated to deliver quality translations that meets your expectations, accordingly, we adhere to the Translation Service Quality Standard EN15038

Translation types and services

Translation submission

    MB Transercomas

    Specializuoti techniniai vertimai / Specialized technical translations

    V.Krėvės g. 104A,  4 kab. Kaunas

    LT-50381, Kaunas, Lithuania

    Mobile:+370 601 54344 ;  +370 675 67789

    E-mail: info@transercom.lt, marketing@transercom.lt

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